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  1. In other words, she’s a bitch, a liar and a dimwit. If she were fat and/or homely she’d never have been considered for V.P.

    Such a pathetic show of American values that so many can’t see past the pretty face. I read this morning that her glasses are selling out all over the place. Un-fucking-believable.

  2. In the last couple of weeks, there is no denying that Sarah Palin has attained superstar status in the political arena and the Democrats and the mainstream media are scratching their heads and wondering what hit them. In fact, in a matter of days, she has had more media scrutiny than Barack Obama has had in the past two years.

    I seriously doubt if they will admit the truth about Sarah Palin, even if they were able to accept it. There’s no deep dark mystery here, no Rosetta Stone required to decipher the Palin phenomenon. It’s as simple as first grade arithmetic.

    Sarah Palin is the first politician to come along in decades who is truly one of “We The People”. The distance between Alaska and Washington, DC has never been more apparent than when you hear this lady speak.

    Relaxed, confident, feminine and totally unafraid of the left-wing media that so terrifies the beltway bunch. She comes off as somebody who could live next door to you and very well come by to borrow a cup of sugar or offer to pick your kids up from school.

    When you compare her to Barack Obama, he comes off as stiff, formal, arrogant and elitist, somebody who hides behind barricades and bodyguards, the kind of guy you’d never think of giving a hug to.

    Compare her to Hillary Clinton, and Hillary comes off as an ice queen who has never done her own laundry or cooked a Thanksgiving dinner.

    Compare her to Joe Biden, and Biden comes off as a guy you’ve probably never seen without a suit on, who represents politics as usual and the same old insider trading that has been going on in Washington for way too long.

    Compare her to Harry “the war is lost, the surge is not working” Reid, and Harry Reid comes off like a pessimistic old man who hoards pennies and kicks cats.

    Compare her to Nancy Pelosi who says we simply can’t do anything about our energy situation. Sarah Palin represents hope and practical solutions like drilling in ANWR in her home state of Alaska. Of course she’ll have to talk her running mate into it.

    The bottom line is that Sarah Palin, in her feminine style of dress, her hair fashionably done, wearing makeup and talking common sense is just somebody who represents the regular folks, not the special interest groups, in fact she wouldn’t even allow a lobbyist into her office as Governor of Alaska.

    What Barrack Obama and all the empty suits in the Democrat party can’t understand is that Sarah Palin represents somebody America feels they could sit down and have a cup of coffee with, someone who has not spent her life in politics or academia, but has been a wife, a mother and an ordinary American who has experienced first hand the problems rank and file citizens face on a daily basis.

    And something they had better learn right away. America really likes Sarah, we identify with her, and a slap at her is a slap at us.

    And Americans don’t like being slapped.

  3. Funny, I don’t see Sarah Palin that way at all, and I’m American too. And I would most definitely give Barack Obama a hug. I’d give one to Hillary Clinton. I’d have lunch with both of them. Sarah Palin, not so much.

    You see. Americans aren’t all alike. And we’re still Americans.

    Culture wars are so last decade.

  4. They will do anything to destroy Sarah Palin.
    They will do anything to elect Obama President
    – the most leftwing candidate in history.
    Only you can stop them.

    The far Left – the Obama campaign, the Democratic Party headed by Howard Dean and the major (liberal) media-are all working in overdrive to destroy and smear Sarah Palin.

    They believe if they can destroy this courageous young woman and popular governor, they will end John McCain’s bid for president.

    Just this week, commentator Bill Maher ridiculed Sarah’s baby son who has Down’s syndrome. These people are absolutely despicable.

    They have one goal: Put Barack Obama – the most radical left-winger ever nominated by the Democratic Party – in the Oval Office.

    Because of this, I am urgently writing you on behalf of the Republican Majority Campaign PAC, one of the nation’s largest and most influential PACs.

    We are fighting to expose Barack Obama’s radical agenda and defend Sarah Palin and John McCain from the liberal media.

    We have plans to launch a multi-million dollar TV and online ad campaign to reach millions in the next two weeks, but we need your financial help.

    We need it more than ever because Barack Obama will likely spend more money than any candidate in history to get control of the White House.

    Make no mistake about it: Barack Obama has very powerful backers.
    Obama promised he would abide by campaign finance limits, as John McCain has agreed to.

    He lied. This week alone, Obama raised $8 million! He could easily spend $500 million during his whole campaign to buy the White House.

    Worse, John McCain and Sarah Palin have their hands tied with public financing limits.

    That’s why the Republican Majority Campaign needs your urgent help in our major national TV ad campaign to help John McCain and Sarah Palin.

    The Republican Majority Campaign PAC is one of the nation’s leading PACs.

    Already the Republican Majority Campaign PAC has spent $2 million on grass-roots efforts exposing Obama, voter by voter.

    But it’s clear we need to do more and urgently.

    We need to tell the American people the truth about Obama, his agenda and his radical associates.

    In our national campaign we’ll reveal the truth about Obama’s radical tax agenda, including:
    his plan to almost double capital gains tax
    his plan to let the Bush tax cuts expire
    his plan to raise gasoline taxes
    his plan to nationalize healthcare
    We will also reveal the sordid truth about Barack Obama:
    How for 20 years he sat silently as his minister, the radical preacher
    Jeremiah Wright, said he hated America – the same preacher who
    blamed the 9/11 attacks on OUR OWN GOVERNMENT.
    The involvement of convicted felon Tony Resko in the purchase of Obama’s$1,300,000 home.
    His despicable association with his friend William Ayers, who was on the FBI’s Most Wanted list for over 10 terrorist attacks.
    The fact that at age 25, Obama was backed by a radical Muslim activist close to the Saudi royal family when he applied to Harvard Law School.

    The Ayers Connection

    William Charles Ayers and Barack Obama have been friends for decades.
    There is clear evidence that their lives and dealings have been intertwined for many years.

    We have reason to believe that Obama and Ayers were friends way back in 1986.
    They even served together in 1995 on the Annenberg Challenge, overseeing the distribution of about $50 million to area schools.

    That same year, Ayers hosted Obama in his own home and donated to his campaign.
    What does the association between Ayers and Obama say about Obama’s political views and perspective?

    Ayers was an anti-American, traitorous radical who will stop at nothing to push his hateful communist agenda.
    In the 1960s and 70s, he was a leader in the notorious underground terrorist group, the “Weathermen.”

    The Weathermen declared war on the United States government and they bombed over 30 establishments (leading to multiple fatalities, including police officers).

    “Kill all the rich people. Break up their cars

    and apartments. Bring the revolution home,
    kill your parents, that’s where it’s really at.”
    William Ayers

    Ayers is unapologetic about his terrorist activities.
    Incredibly, on Sept. 11, 2001, Ayers is quoted by The New York Times as saying, “I don’t regret setting bombs … I feel we didn’t do enough.”

    How could a man like Obama associate with such a dangerous radical? And even defend him?

    And now Obama, Ayers friend, could be sitting in the White House next year – unless we tell the American people the unvarnished truth about them! We Must Defend Sarah Palin and John McCain.

    The major media have already decided who their candidate is: MSNBC host Chris Matthews says Barack Obama makes a “thrill” go up his leg when he hears him speak.

    Oprah has picked your next president.

    But you can stop Chris Matthews, Oprah and the rest of the liberal media.
    You can say we the American people will pick our president.
    We Must Defend Sarah Palin and John McCain.

    The major media have already decided who their candidate is: MSNBC host
    Chris Matthews says Barack Obama makes a “thrill” go up his leg when he hears him speak.

    Oprah has picked your next president.

    But you can stop Chris Matthews, Oprah and the rest of the liberal media.

    You can say we the American people will pick our president.

  5. Well now, bunky. You DO take crazy to a whole new level. Remember: the voices on the right side of your head are lying to you. The ones on your left side are telling the truth.

    Go get ’em!

  6. Wetjen – wow. That must be some seeeeeriously good shit. I’ll have what you’re smoking.

    Having a vagina (installed) doesn’t mean you’re not a power hungry, not-too-bright asshole without relevant experience. Or…*does* it?

    You know how dumb the average person is? By definition, half of us are dumber than that. Finally, a candidate for the lower 50th.

    Would you buy it for *quarter*!??

  7. The ‘experience’ issue with Palin simply reminds America of Barry Hussein’s total inexperience, and HE’S the one that wants to be president, remember? It appears that America is deciding that Obama isn’t qulaified. Keep up the Palin smears, though. It’s working SO well, ya know.

  8. I think you just surrendered any possibility of respectful response. But at least you did it with a certain amount of unbelievably grotesque flair, which a person can admire, in the staring-at-the-burning-Hindenburg-oh-the-humanity kind of way. Which is special. Just like you, sport.

    Good luck with that satire thing you got going. It’s biting.

  9. Sorry, westjen, that “radical” agenda is my agenda, or at least closer to it than four more years of what has been destroying the country bit by bit. Sell all you want, but I’m not buying, because I have no use for what you’re selling.

  10. muslim father
    muslim name
    went to radical muslim school
    refuses to honor the USA flag

    makes statements like:
    “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”

    you figure it out. it doesn’t take a brain surgeon.


    McCain/Palin 08

  11. Irish-American Father
    Irish Name
    Knows a lot about guns and explosives

    Well, shoot. McCain must be a member of the IRA!

    What color, exactly, is the sky on your planet?

  12. Can you name even ONE instance where Barack Obama worked in a united way with Republicans on ANY issue? His positions are so far to the left, there’s no way he could reach out to anyone but extreme left wing liberals. He’s never shown the least bit of interest working with members on the other side of the isle. On the other hand, John McCain has “reached across the isle” numerous times…McCain-Feingold, McCain-Kennedy, McCain-Lieberman to name just a few. If your really want UNITY or bi-partisanship, John McCain is definitely your man. Unfortunately, Obama has spent SO much time outside Washington, that we have absolutely no idea what he would do once he was inside. He was a “community organizer in Chicago, an Illinois state legislator, and a U.S. Senator since 2005. From that to President of the United States? Asked what Barack had accomplished to recommend him for the job, I was told recently that Barack Obama had “organized the Black people.” Hmm. First, I hadn’t realized the Black people were DISorganized? There’s nothing worse than an entire minority group running around helter skelter, is there? So, thank you for that, Barack. That must have been during the “community organizer” days? But when pressed to name specifics on a legitimate accomplishment, Obama supporters are stumped. Even staunch Obama supporter, Texas state senator Kirk Watson, when asked by Chris Matthews on national television this past February 19th, to name just one thing Obama has ever accomplished, Watson couldn’t come up with a single thing. Not one. This was of course, before Chris Matthews felt the “thrill going up his leg” for Obama, and pledged him his troth.

  13. Westjen, I just now made a $100 donation to Barry Hussein’s campaign in your honor.

    I’m sure that when he’s elected he’ll do more for the mentally ill in this country than Bush ever did.

  14. Barack Obama has no executive experience whatsoever; has sponsored no significant legislation in his first uncompleted term as a U.S. senator; has spent more time campaigning for president than representing his state as its junior senator; sponsored no significant legislation as an Illinois state senator; and wrote no articles as a faculty member or as editor of his law review. Barack has no real experience doing anything other than being a social activist in Chicago.
    McCain is a far better choice than Obama since Obama also has zero experience in foreign policy and many other areas of the presidency. Obama could not stand up to people like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran and Kim Jong Il of North Korea.

    McCain/Palin 08

  15. Westjen, you could say the EXACT SAME THING about Abraham Lincoln. I think he turned out fine, don’t you?

    In fact, James Buchanan (the guy Lincoln followed) was one of the most experienced individuals ever to run for President. He is considered one of our worst presidents.

    The experience argument WAY overrated.

  16. Please do not use an article that puts Palin up as some feminist ideal while she continuously spouts anti-feminist policy. It too easily shows your own ignorance.

  17. >Please do not use an article that puts Palin up as some feminist ideal while she continuously spouts anti-feminist policy. It too easily shows your own ignorance.

  18. Actually, the post you supplied doesn’t support your assertion; in fact it shows that Lincoln did not do much nationally before his presidency apart from running for office and making speeches.

  19. Of course, the Republicans of the late 1850’s and early 1860’s were more like today’s Democrats, and the race-baiting jingoistic Democrats of the same period seem to have a lot more in common with today’s Republicans, so I can see why you’d want to paper that over.

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