One Reply to “Proud Liberal”

  1. Great article.
    Maybe it’s the advance of the age of 60, but I don’t have the patience to to be polite to/”better than”/”above” morons like Rush Limbaugh,Bill O’Reilly or Michael Savage. They spit the word “liberal” out purposely to asscociate it with word like “Fag” and “Pervert” and Savage will go there often; Liberals are subhuman.
    Know what? In spite of eight years of a wannabe police state run by a president who makes Warren G. Harding seem like Thomas Jefferson, we’re still free enough for me to disagree, stand by my principles and be proud of who I am.
    There used to be intelligent people in the GOP that I disagreed with, but respected; now it seems that the party is even more hostage to its lowest common denominator; church-goin’-bible-believin’-gun-totin’-gay-hatin’-holy war believin……
    Yeah I’m a Liberal, Rush: bite me.

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