7 Years

In Denver airport, in the line waiting for security, a man & his wife have their stuff searched. At issue is her prescriptions because they’re the wrong size bottles. She explains they’re anti-anxiety drugs she needs for the flight. Guard asks if she takes them only for flying. Husband replies, “Everyone in New York is on anti-anxiety drugs you know.”

We know.

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  1. so take the pills out of the bottle and put them in a zip lock bag. squash/break the bottle with your foot or a hard object and put the label part in the bag with the pills.
    a friend just had to do this at the airport before a flight to germany.

    and yes most of the women I know at least have some xanax for those occasions when they are under stress.

  2. Why pills? I’m kind of interested. Why not exercise, meditation, spending time around an animal, or doing something to get your mind off of the stress? What about eating something good? Is it that the drug companies have marketed themselves as the ultimate solution to life’s vicissitudes?

    Interested to hear a New Yorker’s opinion on this.


  3. well my opinion is that no meditation can be done to any effect in a busy airport, or on a crowded plane.
    as for eating, well if I ate every time I was stressed I would weigh 500 lbs. Exercise, on a plane ????
    I Don’t know your life circumstances, and you don’t know mine, please no judgement.

  4. Christine, It’s not that easy.
    I use drugs because they actually WORK. And I only use them when all the other things you mention have failed.
    Crazy nerves? pop a pill = instant relief, end of suffering.

  5. Jeebus. I really need to catch a ticket to the wonderland you live in C. This medication is life-changing for some many people. But then I guess this is the psychological equivalent of pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps when you don’t even own boots.

    Yes, I must admit it. I have been horribly duped by the drug companies.

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