Me on Patreon

It’s high time, and in the light of the loss of Ursula Le Guin, I decided to take this little leap off a cliff by starting an account on Patreon. I can’t let my wife have all the fun, can I?

I haven’t set up goals or rewards yet as I’m curious to hear what all of you would want from me. I *do* plan on doing a video and maybe some audio recordings – cause y’all like my voice – but mostly this will be new and different kinds of writing that I don’t do as much of because my blog is so on the trans/gender tip.

Expect pieces more like this and this and this, and maybe some fiction, maybe excerpts from the two novels I have written but never quite finished, and maybe some of a fairy tale I keep kicking around, and maybe anything I’m writing that doesn’t as easily cleave to the HB brand.

Thank you in advance. It means everything to me to have people in my life who want to read what I write and who want to support me while I do.

2 Replies to “Me on Patreon”

  1. I love the idea of videos or podcasts from you just talking about the stuff you know. I’m a podcast person now, because I like the intimacy and accessibility of it. I can see you doing the ultimate queer interview show, kid of like the way Krista Tippett does her OnBeing show; real conversations in real time with no need of being in the same city.

  2. After thought: why limit it to queer conversations? You do have a great voice, and I can imagine a show where you just talk to all of us. A friend of mine(a visual artist) has a podcast with just “(her reading stuff” that lasts about ten to twelve minutes.

    Explore. Expand. Create.

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