4 Replies to “Say It With Me: Vulva”

  1. What a fabulous resource!!!! However did you find it? I’m a perinatal nurse, and nurse educator – I will use this site and recommend it to my colleagues. (It’s a new view for me, even though I can’t even count how many thousands, nay, TENS of thousands, of vulvas I’ve seen!). When I was working on my MSN, I was amused to find that the correct medical terminology for the external genitalia of older post-menopausal women are referred to as “Senile Perineums”. I immediately pictured a comedy sketch of a “senile” vulva with dementia telling her spouse’s penis she didn’t recognize him. “Who are you? Get away from me!” Genital sketch comedy. Like the vids on http://www.trannymals.com.

  2. My favorite is the 3D Vulva AT REST. At rest? As opposed to hurtling through the universe at 80% light speed???? LMAO

    This is a terrific site, and it shows clearly why I orgasm easily when I have a full bladder! thanks!

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