3 Replies to “B. Jenner”

  1. Let me balance my beloved Natasha’s “Meh” with a “Meh” to all trans persons who don’t think this was a big deal and will blog about it in a Mobius strip of jaded indifference and long words only academics use.

    Helen, you nailed it. Welcome sister, and good luck in that goddamned media circus you live in.

    I’m a little prickly about this, because if people are resenting Jenner for transitioning at 65 as a well off white person, that hits a little close to home for me.

    That interview may have just made a difference in my life, and I don’t give a rat’s ass what little smart-alices with three names think about it.

  2. My meh is more because she felt the need to organise an exclusive interview to tell people she’s transitioning. She’s made a negative contribution already.

    I’ve set up my own blog recently to try to give the assimilationist perspective a little airplay.

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