Me & My Ball #michfest

Lisa Vogel announced yesterday that the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival, now in its 40th year, will depart the stage this year; the 40th will be the last.

An event that has empowered so many women, one of the last amazing coming-to-consciouness feminist events, is shutting down because they can’t just take the one tiny leap of admitting trans women openly and willingly.

Trans women will no doubt be blamed for the end of this event, when really, as Autumn Sandeen put it, “…trans womyn have attended MichFest for many years — trans womyn who identify themselves as womyn-born-womyn. She doesn’t have to change the change the womyn-born-womyn intention, she just needs to say ‘Trans womyn who identify as womyn-born-womyn are welcome at MichFest.’”

But they couldn’t, and didn’t: If me and my ball don’t pitch, me and my ball don’t play.

Heartbreaking that after all these years and all this dialogue, their answer was to give up and shut the doors.

2 Replies to “Me & My Ball #michfest”

  1. The MichFest is ending because Lisa Vogel still thinks it’s 1979. She let her own bias of trans people cloud her judgment. The young generation has never known LGBT without the T. Ms. Vogel is like a lot of people who won’t change. The memory of MichFest will last but Ms. Vogel will become irrelevant-and she did it to herself.

  2. It still blows my my mind that they welcomed transitioned trans men, bearded and trailing male pheromone in their wake. The whole “male energy” argument was BS from the beginning; they are just sad, aging, bitter bigots.

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