Max to the Max

A good friend of mine has an awesome son. This is him:

And this year, he’s just old enough to start worrying about bullies and what other kids will think and say and do. He told his mom he didn’t want to go to his school’s Halloween party for that reason. His mom blogged about it, too.

But his mom had volunteered to set up for that party, and once he saw the decorations, he wanted to go.

And he did. And he had a great time. And some people were jerks.

So I thought you, my lovely readers, would show Max some love, here, or when this shows up on my FB page, or via Twitter. He’d love to know that he is awesome the way he is, and that his mom rocks, and that there is a whole world of people who would get in the way of any bully for him.

Please do not assume or try to predict anything about how he may or may not identify in the future. Right now he’s just Max.

Happy Halloween, my gendery clan. Go out and get your joy on.

2 Replies to “Max to the Max”

  1. If you browse through the comments section of any random article about transgender kids, you will find an overwhelming amount of vitriol directed not only at the parents, but the children themselves. It’s not just bullies who create problems for these kids, but society in general. Max is very fortunate to have a mother who understands and encourages him–that love will help him through many of the rough times ahead.

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