Fembots Have Feelings, Too

I mention, every once in a while, that the worst kind of misogyny I experience is in the trans community, and well, here’s a whopper.

It was brought to my attention because the person writing is commenting on my post about the “misogyny-watch” blog I mentioned earlier this month. Jamie, the author of this post, doesn’t seem to understand that I was fully cognizant that the blog’s creator was critical of misogyny, and when someone assumes I’m an idiot, and blasts forth like this without checking in, I can pretty much guarantee they think the words “angry” and “feminist” go together too. Oh but wait! Not just angry, but:

Perhaps, if same sex marriage ever becomes legal, she might someday even find herself as an acceptable alternative as a wife, compared to the angry, selfish, calculating, uncompromising, increasingly unfeminine creatures that more and more men are starting to view women as.

The “she” refers to a “t-girl” which is some communities is parlance for a trans woman, although it tends to be a label assumed by a kind of trans party girl, and which is the label Jamie uses for herself. If you can get past the atrocious grammar, do check out that list: those of us born with vaginas are a fcuked up lot indeed. And yes, that was saracasm, meaning: I do not actually think people born with vaginas are fcuked up, but the fembot who wrote it sure does. Get ready for one surreal, post-modern piece of archaic bullshit:

So she doesn’t mind deferring to a man. In fact, unlike real women, or most transsexuals, it delights her to do so. She’s an old-fashioned kind of girl. She expects her man to take charge, and is completely comfortable adopting a subservient role. She knows how hard it is to be a man, and she knows she doesn’t enjoy it. So instead of trying to be a man that wears heels, which is what so many women these days seem to aspire to, she’s more than happy to be a man’s idealization of what a woman should be: soft, feminine, unchallenging to his masculinity. Someone who uses their femininity to comfort a man, and make his life more bearable, not who uses it to give him another headache that he needs to find a way to escape from.

Someone who understands that cleaning the house, making dinner, and taking care of all those little details in life, and providing a sexual outlet for her man is not a “chore,” but one of the advantages of being a woman. That accepting one’s feminity is realizing that you have not been relegated to second-class citizenship, but instead, you are being protected and shielded from the harsher realities of the life, and your acceptance of a man’s dominant role is a fair exchange for being shielded from those realities.

But, it takes a man, a man who has lived those harsher realities, to realize just how precious and valuable a thing femininity, and the traditional women’s role in our society is, instead of viewing it as a prison as women tend to do these days.

Hooboy: Only a man understands what it takes to be a woman. I think we may have broken the space-time continuum with that one.

For the record: I will not engage this issue any further than this. Having been misinterpreted and slammed on someone else’s blog, I thought it necessary to clarify my original intent and to further define misogynist views. That is all.

Happy New Year to one & all!

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  1. Wow. Are you entirely certain this isn’t satire? The idea that men have it all figured out and women just need to conform to their world view is not just insulting, it’s also a frightening prospect. Evidently the pinnacle of human civilization was the family depicted on television in the 70’s, which coincidentally seems to be the fictionalized golden age teabaggers would have us strive to return to.

    I’m so there’s nobody in my life telling me what kind of woman I can and cannot be, as I wouldn’t suffer them for long.

  2. Beyond parody… as the commentator on that linked post says,

    I do my best to avoid real women.

    -says it all, really.

    Happy Nooyur!

  3. (jaw drop) (head slap) (long sigh)

    Also, the term “gurl” (which I used extensively as a young T thing) should be banished…or better, ignored.

  4. Damn, Helen! I’m impressed that you were able to plow through that. I got a few paragraphs in, and my eyes started to hurt, so I had to stop. (I just checked. That screed is 2,500 words long. The Gettysburg Address is 249. Long blog posts aren’t necessarily bad, but seriously, sometimes brevity is the soul of wit.)

    Anyway, Kim kind of says it all for me. It’s beyond satire. It’s a layer cake made of male privilege, narcissism and patriarchy, iced with smug.

  5. OK, three other things, and these will probably be where I put my foot in my mouth:

    1.) Arguments like Jamie’s play into the hands of those who view transwomen as “not real women” because they’ve been “poisoned” by male sexism and male privilege. Hell, if you wanted to find someone to make Janice Raymond’s points about transsexuality, or to justify the MtF exclusion policy at the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival, well, someone like Jamie would be exhibit A.

    2.) Sadly, I know plenty of women born and raised as women who hold many of the same stereotypes about feminine behavior as Jamie. The fact that a genetic male is making the argument that “I’m more female than a genetic female because I understand femininity” just makes it all the more irritating.

    3.) One of my tests for bigotry is to turn an argument around and put it into another context. Jamie’s argument would be just as bad if it were, “Because I’m white, I know more about how African-Americans should behave,” or “Because I’m Christian, I know more about how Muslims should behave.”

    OK, I’m done. It’s New Year’s Eve. Happy new year, everybody!

  6. I’m never quite sure if Jamie is serious. I have, however, seen some nasty, bitter stuff she has written. She transitioned and turned back. There is more than a little bitterness underlying her attempts at humour.

    She is on record stating that all trans women are really men. ‘Nuff said.

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