Survey: Partners Whose Husband Come Out as TG

SURVEY: “A Study in the Relationship between Changes in a Wife’s Self-Esteem and the Discovery that Her Husband is Transgender: What is the Perceived Meaning of the Discovery?”

If you think you might be interested in participating in this survey, please read more below the break, and contact the person doing the survey. I am not doing it, do not endorse it, but do not suspect it, either.

Dear Potential Participant,
You are cordially invited to participate in a research study. The purpose of this research study is to explore the possible relationship between changes in a wife’s self-esteem upon discovery of her husband’s transgenderism. This study is a requirement for my earning the degree of Doctor of Education in Counselor Education and Supervision. If you participate in this research, you will be asked to complete a survey consisting of three segments. The first will rank in order to what degree each statement you feel is true for your situation. The second will be a series of true/false statements, and the last portion will be a semi-structured open-ended series of questions regarding your memory of how you perceived yourself before learning of your husband’s transgenderism as well as after, along with a description of your perception of the meaning of this discovery in your life . The risks to you in this study will be minimal as you will determine how much or how little to disclose. If you report that you are suicidal or homicidal the researcher is legally required to ensure that you are taken to a healthcare facility to be evaluated and possibly admitted. If reports of child abuse are reported by you, the researcher is legally required to report such to the Department of Children and Family Services for investigation. If some discomfort arises when discussing the discovery and its effects during the informal interview, you should feel free to discuss this discomfort with the interviewer as she has been trained in how to handle these conversations and conducts a private practice which provides services to individuals who are transgendered (and their significant others).

Your participation will take approximately two hours.

Your participation in this research is strictly voluntary. You may refuse to participate at all stages of the study, or choose to stop your participation at any point in the personal interview component of the study, without fear of penalty or negative consequences of any kind.

The information/data you provide for this research will be treated confidentially, and all raw data will be kept in a secured file by the researcher. The majority of the results of the research will be reported as aggregate summary data only, however, individual comments will be used without any identifying data other than assigned codes. The raw data and codes will be kept in a secured room in a locked file of which the researcher will be the sole person with access. After the completion of the study the raw data and codes will be destroyed.

If you become a participant, you have the right to review the results of the research, if you wish to do so. A copy of the results may be obtained by contacting the researcher at the address below:

Deborah L. Wilke, M.S., LCPC
867 W. Briarcliff Road
Bolingbrook, IL 60440

There will be no direct or immediate personal benefits from your participation in this research. The results of the research may contribute greatly to the field of mental health counseling and to the education of counselors-in-training.
If you are willing to participate in this study please contact the researcher at the following telephone number to arrange an in-office interview or arrange a meeting in a more accessible private setting. The private telephone number to call is 630.854.7030. Email address is:

2 Replies to “Survey: Partners Whose Husband Come Out as TG”

  1. Is it just me, or does this seem like the most biased, horrific trans study ever done? What this student is trying to do is turn transgender partners into victims, when they aren’t. The whole idea of “transgenderism” as a doctoral thesis is played out IMHO.

    Does it affect their self-esteem? Of course it does… you don’t need a bloody study for that. Just as you don’t need a study to tell you, that because of that emotion- and many more, that the relationship will commonly fail, though the few that do stay together end up living remarkably healthy lives lacking any deficiency of self-esteem in contrast to some parallel universe where your partner doesn’t come out. (like it’s that simple!?)

    I would be highly skeptical of an thesis based on this kind of research. The only people it will attract are those who feel the need to satisfy a vocal connection, or reaffirmation of their own victimization. In other words the only people who will respond are the one’s whom are wanting self-validation of their hurt, and justification any response they so choose (such as divorce) within the relationship.

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