Partners, Talking

On BBC, an interview with the (female) partner of an MTF and the (male) partner of an FTM is worth listening to. Though I will say the FTM in question turned into a jackass, not a man.

Most interesting to me are their thoughts about their sexual relationships.

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  1. Well, at the risk of making myself even more of a pariah than I already am,
    I think the problem may have to do with some FTMs opting to go for the “20 something fratboy” look. ISTM that some FTMs tend to go for a rather stereotypical masculine look, which may very well mean being a jackass at times. I know a lot of transwomen, especially at the beginning, tend to maybe go overboard on being feminine, and FTMs do the same thing, I think, in the opposite direction. Not all men have beards, ultra short hair, or subsist on a wardrobe diet of t-shirts and jeans…and not all men act like they came to life from a beer commercial either.

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