Footloose: NYC Style

I know this may be hard to believe for people who don’t live here, but it is illegal to dance in bars in NYC. Really. Places have to have a cabaret license in order to allow dancing. The law’s 82 years old, which means it was created in 1926, which means it was probably created in the midst of Prohibition to combat speakeasies, and we never removed it.

Well go figure, but Mayor Bloomberg is talking about looking into it.

(I’ve dated myself with the Footloose reference, no? Amazing what a huge deal that movie was at the time.)

3 Replies to “Footloose: NYC Style”

  1. Yes Helen… you did date yourself with the Footloose reference. It shows you are so young and vibrant, with so much wonderful life ahead…. 🙂

  2. There seems to be no mechanism for garbage collection of obsolete laws, which means that our legal system now resembles the stratified heap found next to a dwelling at an archealogical dig. Unfortunately we’ve long since moved past the point where an ordinary person can reasonably be expected to know, much less understand, the laws that govern them. Not even our elected representatives actually read the stuff they vote into law when it is working its way through the process…yet as citizens are expected to know what is legal. How, exactly, I wonder? Why, it’s almost as if pork trumps protection of life, liberty & happiness…besides, in this case everyone *knows* that dancing is the tool of the Devil.

    Footloose is right up there with Flashdance, Gremlins, Say Anything, Pretty in Pink/Sixteen Candles, Short Circuit and Cherry2000 on my list of 80’s movies that stand the test of time. Okay, that last one was really, really bad. Sort of a Working Girl meets Road Warrior meets Blade Runner, but I had a crush on Melanie Griffith. No, really.

    There are worse eras with which to date yourself.

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