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On the Task Force, named as Sexual and Gender Identity Disorders Chair, we find Dr. Kenneth Zucker, from Toronto infamous Centre for Addictions and Mental Health (CAMH, formerly the Clarke Institute). Dr. Zucker is infamous for utilizing reparative therapy to Ccure gender-variant children. Named to his work group, we find Zuckers mentor, Dr. Ray Blanchard, Head of Clinical Sexology Services at CAMH and creator of the theory of autogynephilia, categorized as a paraphilia and defined as man paraphilic tendency to be sexually aroused by the thought or image of himself as a woman.
Also Dr Ann Lawrence, a supporter of his JUNK SCIENCE.. is understood to be in consideration as an alternate member.

We, the undersigned hereby object to their inclusion on this committee, and object to the hurtful theories they promote.
In order to have any credibility in the field of gender identity, the DSM must not include discounted theories or junk science. We ask that they be removed at once as members.

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(Thanks to the 1000+ of you who have already signed.)

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  1. Signed!

    This kind of medical travesty is the reason why I blog here, to prevent the suffering of GID from extending into the next generation. It is imperative that older GID sufferers like me that have undergone their junk science therapy tell our story of the medical communities deceit. Here are my comments that attended the petition.

    “As a sufferer of GID since the inception of consciousness, I am outraged that the committee is considering individuals that purport this condition curable by alternate therapies. I have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in the course of this life under the illusion that GID can be cured by therapy, psychic evaluation, or that it is sexually based. Please do not continue such suffering in the next generation by perpetuating the espousal of these illusions. Any Doctor that purports such non sense should not sit on this committee or influence its efforts.”

    Sorry, I am going to get on the soap box for a minute.

    Throughout my life, the mental health community, although aware of the gender aberrations in my emotional and mental construct, never, repeat never, advised honestly of the nature of the condition. Instead, they kept on encouraging me to come back at $200.00/hour because they claimed they can “cure GID”!

    Hundreds of thousands of dollars, with three therapists, starting when I was a child, were spent to “cure” it.

    These charletans are liars and thieves that hold out vacuous hope that will never work. It is too late for this life. But I would be remiss in my duty to those younger people that do have a chance at a life if I did not relate the travesty of the mental health community’s craven crap that soaks their clients financial well being yet offers nothing but the illusion of “normality” that always resides in the future.

    Don’t let these charlatans do what they did to me to other future generations.


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