Painting with a Broad Brush

Have you all seen the recent Shur-Line commercial? With a woman from Shur-Line and a wife (I assume) who are trying to coax the husband out of hiding so that he’ll paint? It’s so condescending toward men; like they need to be told what to do and reassured that there won’t be any chores.

On the other side, it makes women responsible for making sure “all’s safe” for the guy to come out.

Idiotic & condescending to both genders: well-done.

4 Replies to “Painting with a Broad Brush”

  1. I haven’t seen the spot but thanks for decrying both woman bashing *and* man bashing…Gender bashing in general, no matter who it’s directed at, tends to ruffle my feathers…

  2. Most commercials these days paints the guys as immature idiots, and the women as responsible adults. It’s been going on for years. I just ignore it all, and chock it up to political pandering toward corporate target audiences.

  3. I think the general rules of ad-writing are “no man may come off looking better than a woman” and “no adult may come off looking better than a child”.

  4. The only demographic that the culture now allows to trash without any outrage are white males and Christians.

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