Aurora the Wounded

As much as I was hoping Aurora would stay healthy forever & never return to the vet again, she got into a kerfuffle with one of the other cats, we think; with Aeneas specifically, we think. She ended up with an abscess in her right paw which got more swollen every day until we brought her in. She was, as ever, hellfire in fur. But the vet got her revenge: to keep Aurora from licking her paw, she put her in one of those cone things.

She was not happy about the situation, and of course it took her about an hour to get it off the first time. I ended up rigging up my own device, a kind of sling made out of nylon knee-hi’s, to keep her from licking her foot, and then after a few days on the antibiotics, & with the swelling having gone down, we freed her from all of it.

Remarkably, she’s an excellent pill-taker, though as the days of antibiotics go on, she’s getting more resistant. A bonita flake or two afterwards seems to help keep her from rejecting them entirely.

It’s good to be home with all my loved ones, pill-taking crankypants cat included.