Survey: Partners Whose Husband Come Out as TG

SURVEY: “A Study in the Relationship between Changes in a Wife’s Self-Esteem and the Discovery that Her Husband is Transgender: What is the Perceived Meaning of the Discovery?” If you think you might be interested in participating in this survey,… Continue Reading

Not Just Amanda Simpson

From the “there goes the MTF end of things sucking all the air out of the room again” division: in fact there were two trans people appointed by the Obama administration in late November. The difficulty arose because Simpson is… Continue Reading

Morehouse Crossdressing Policy

Morehouse College has chosen to have a clothing policy that prohibits crossdressing: The dress-wearing ban is aimed at a small part of the private college’s 2,700-member student body, said Dr. William Bynum, vice president for Student Services. “We are talking… Continue Reading

Paulina Ibarra’s Killer Wanted

Another murder of another trans woman. Enough.

Trans Documentary Drinking Game

In light of the documentary about Chloe Prince that will air tomorrow night, I thought we should all be prepared for what looks like it’s going to be a doozy of a predictable documentary. So, the rules, such as they… Continue Reading

Remember Them as Soldiers

What bugs me about this NPR story about a Civil War soldier is that the people who live in the town Albert Casher, nee Jennie Hodgers, are embarrassed by who s/he was: Dina says some residents believe that embracing the… Continue Reading

Sex Resources for Trans Women

Today’s Feministing “Ask Professor Foxy” column is from a trans woman who can’t find good sex resources for her. I’ve made a few suggestions, but maybe you all know other good places to check. So far I’ve recommended: the sexuality… Continue Reading

Spanish Language Trans PSA

I don’t read/speak Spanish myself, but was sent this by someone who does: Surprising campaign, under the auspices of the (Chilean goverment’s) Division of Social Organizations (they provide grants and help to NGO’s) and the communications division of the Metro… Continue Reading

Filmed Attack on Peruvian Trans Prostitute

A Peruvian television station was invited to a planned attack on a local prostitute who is a “travesti” – a MTF trans prostitute. It aired on television, and was later aired with a longer segment. Blabbeando covered it, as did… Continue Reading

Approximate Transition Costs (MTF)

I had a friend who transitioned a few years ago put together a list of the approximate costs. Here’s the breakdown: Uncovered therapy (primary therapist–until surgery date): $2000 Uncovered therapy (second therapist–Randi Ettner): $450 Orchiectemy: $2000 HRT (uncovered amount until… Continue Reading

Cold Case: Daniela

(1:15 AM) …I get a night to stay up late enough to catch some old Cold Case episodes & guess what the plot twist is tonight? The girl who gets killed was a boy… (2:00 AM )… & this was… Continue Reading

Partners’ Resources

One of the partners who posts regularly on our forums has put together a list of online resources for partners, which she’s posted on the TransOhio website. How cool is that? When I first went online as the girlfriend of… Continue Reading

SCC Failure

A recent blog post written by someone who attended SCC reminds me, again, that whoever is in charge of partners’ events at SCC isn’t doing their job. The only thing that I attended that did not live up to my… Continue Reading

Trans for Obama: + Andrea James!

The queen of MTF voice work has blogged for Trans for Obama Day now, too. The cool thing is that we’ve already raised $780, which has been donated by 23 people. Let me know if you see that anyone else… Continue Reading

Dallas: Another LGBt Rift

A gay bar, and its gay bar owner, have decided to ban drag queens and trans women from their “Trashy Tuesday” night – exactly because the bar night is so crowded that they don’t have time to babysit the bad… Continue Reading

Partners, Talking

On BBC, an interview with the (female) partner of an MTF and the (male) partner of an FTM is worth listening to. Though I will say the FTM in question turned into a jackass, not a man. Most interesting to… Continue Reading

Drag Queens & (Trans) Women

There was quite an inflammatory thread on our boards recently about drag queens and crossdressers who dress in over-the-top ways, and it’s gotten me thinking. I’ve often heard that feminists hate drag queens because they mock women, which has always… Continue Reading

T Shirt

I don’t often wear trans shirts when I’m with Betty – no need to out her casually, she does enough outreach for one trans person – but Betty was sick this past week & so I was walking to my… Continue Reading

29 of 53

Those poor young women of that Eldorado sect – more than half of them are pregnant or are mothers. This case made me think of two things – the argument than trans women are the same as women raised female… Continue Reading

The Trip to SC, Pt. 2

What a trip! I haven’t had so much fun without Betty since before I met her, and while I’m sad she wasn’t there to enjoy it all, I also know that she wouldn’t have found the train much fun at… Continue Reading