Approximate Transition Costs (MTF)

I had a friend who transitioned a few years ago put together a list of the approximate costs. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Uncovered therapy (primary therapist–until surgery date): $2000
  • Uncovered therapy (second therapist–Randi Ettner): $450
  • Orchiectemy: $2000
  • HRT (uncovered amount until surgery): $600
  • Electrolysis (up and down god damn it): $17,000
  • Genital surgery & breast implant surgeries (round one): $25,000
  • Round 2 of surgeries: $2500

Estimated total not covered by any insurance: $49,550.

Costs not included:

  • voice (dvd)
  • entire new working wardrobe
  • moving out and setting up new apartment
  • legal fees for name change
  • eating awful hospital food for a week.