Max to the Max

A good friend of mine has an awesome son. This is him: And this year, he’s just old enough to start worrying about bullies and what other kids will think and say and do. He told his mom he didn’t… Continue Reading

Happy Creepy Halloween

This is my newest Best Thing Ever. (Here are some other versions of it. From what I can figure out, the performer’s name is Ryan Nobles Domingo, but if anyone knows more, let me know.)

Halloween: Keep Your Tits In

Kind of awful in an excellent way. That said, sexy costumes are great when they make sense. When they’re just messed up, objectifying versions of men’s costumes, they’re just stupid. At the very least, throw in some scary or gruesome,… Continue Reading

No, Really: Sexy Droogie

Honestly, someone is actually marketing a Sexy Droogie Costume for women who want to be Alex of A Clockwork Orange fame.  You know the movie – the one with one of the most horrifying rape scenes ever filmed? But sure!… Continue Reading

This Halloween’s Gender Story

Every year there’s a Halloween gender “problem,” but now, at least, there are moms who tell other moms to “back off.” I can’t tell you how many people sent me this story, but I know it made plenty of us… Continue Reading

Happy Halloween!

Ah, the only internationally recognized holiday of the crossdressing world is upon us again, & I had an interesting experience shopping for Halloween costumes & party decorations with Betty. We were looking around at the mass-produced costumes, me mostly cursing… Continue Reading

His Son’s Dress

I don’t know why these stories depress me so much, and really, it’s the ones with the cheerfully liberal dad who really is trying his hardest not to be a dick. And yet, he is. Sigh. And we didn’t even… Continue Reading