No, Really: Sexy Droogie

Honestly, someone is actually marketing a Sexy Droogie Costume for women who want to be Alex of A Clockwork Orange fame.  You know the movie – the one with one of the most horrifying rape scenes ever filmed? But sure! Just add thigh highs and cleavage!Of course they don’t call it that, since I’m guessing anyone selling or buying this costume hasn’t actually read the fucking book.

So while I’m thinking, who the hell is going to buy that, my google-fu turns up this exchange in Yahoo! Answers:

Sexy clockwork orange costume. any ideas?

so me and my boyfriend are trying to think up halloween costume ideas and i thought of being droogs from clockwork orange. so i was thinking get the white button up shirt, the white suspenders, derby hat, but with thigh high fishnets, stilletos and lots of clevage. oh and of course the one fake eyelash and cane. not so sure what to use for pants/skirt. maybe highwasted shorts.

any ideas on how to improve this costume?

& Yay, someone has an idea! Boots and tight shorts to go with the cleavage! That does it!

Best Answer – Chosen by Voters

I am also going to be Alex for halloween this year. I am a female and will be wearing short white shorts and knee high black boots to make the outfit a little sexier. There are lots of different versions of this theme. If you google it you can see lots of pics. Im also going to do the bloody eyeballs. Good luck with your costume!

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