This is one of the most beautiful short films I have ever seen. it’s like a love letter to every writer, reader, and librarian that’s ever lived. & To all the Damfinos of course, too. Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone.

Alcohol Poisoning

I’ve been drinking. Sadly, it was a lot of the same old same old: cursory interest in parent, partner, & children. The kids were adorable. The wife was determined. The father was exhausted. Multiple shots and references to surgery, instead.… Continue Reading

Singapore Skips a Beat

I saw this clip about Singaporean import Dr. Thio Li-ann on Queerty, and it reminded me that a PM who recently stood up to get the homosexuality laws off the books in Singapore was not reappointed. Some in Singapore feel… Continue Reading

High Tech Nerds R Us

In this cool article about Massachusetts’ push for transgender civil rights, the great geek/trans intersection is once again revealed: In her office down the hall, Zircher, who holds many software patents, has three computer screens and two keyboards. On the… Continue Reading


In response to this last post, I received this short email: “My Husband Betty: Love, Sex, and Life with a Crossdresser” This is where you loose me Helen. You say you don’t use words like “Husband or Wife”….but then you… Continue Reading

Two Tune Tuesday: MJ

Goodbye, Michael. For me he wrote some of hte best dance music ever, & for that, alone, I’ll remember him. I do know, for certain, that his music is hella better than this memorial crap on TV. My only hope… Continue Reading

Lambda Lit Awards

Congrats to all the winners! 21st LAMBDA LITERARY AWARD WINNERS for BOOKS PUBLISHED IN 2008 TRANSGENDER Intersex (For Lack of a Better Word), Thea Hillman, Manic D Press

New Study on Poverty & Education

Taylor said frequently textbooks in primary and secondary schools and in higher education do not address issues like poverty fully and often are reduced and oversimplified. “Far too many schools continue to endorse a curriculum of the absurd that encompasses… Continue Reading

For Milwaukee

We had a great time in Milwaukee this past weekend: a gathering of LGBT people on Saturday night, a sex workshop at The Tool Shed on Sunday, and then a workshop on gender variance Monday afternoon followed by a 7PM… Continue Reading


Honestly, I’m pretty cheered by the response to #AmazonFail: so many people upset about censorship, and censorship of LGBT, sex-positive, and related topics. Not a bad thing at all. There’s a reasonably good summation at CNET and at WiredPen (which… Continue Reading

Amazon Filters Out Queer/Sex Books

Not books about queer sex per se, although I’m sure those are included, but books about sexuality and/or queer topics, have lost their rankings at Mine included. As Mark Probst reported, they are removing the rankings of these books… Continue Reading

Word A Day

I love my Word A Day calendar. You rip off a page every day & get a new word — they’re not often new to me, but my vocabulary has definitely improved since I got into this habit. What I… Continue Reading

Clerics Encourage Gay Deaths in Baghdad

Apparently we left “thou shalt not kill homosexuals” out of the civics textbooks we gave the Iraqis when we “taught” them democracy. Homosexuality is prohibited almost everywhere in the Middle East, but conditions have become especially dangerous for gays and… Continue Reading

Buy Books!

Some reports on book sales in this economy are none too cheery: GalleyCat reports on Books a Million, Barnes & Noble, and Random House. Know who publishes the books you love the most and make sure you check out their… Continue Reading

Agile Gene Splitting

“Similarity is the shadow of difference. Two things are similar by virtue of their difference from another, or different by virtue of one’s similarity to a third. So it is with individuals. A short man is different from a tall… Continue Reading

Best of Cramps / Happy Valentine

Since people have asked, here’s a few of the best Cramps songs… okay, my favorites. & The last one is just – well, why not? I have to dedicate the 4th song to my dad. He was driving me somewhere… Continue Reading

Out Damn Spot

I almost feel like it’s Christmas Eve I’m so excited. Watching the coverage on MSNBC is like a reunion after this long electoral season, but wow is it exciting! Those cheerleaders yesterday were adorable. Kind of mind-blowing. There’s a story… Continue Reading


Coraline – Neil Gaiman’s horrifying children’s story – is coming out on February 6th. It better be coming to a theatre near me.


Okay, then. I am packed for six months for me & the boys: six pieces of luggage, three boxes, two crates, two backpacks, and one laundry thingy. Plus Betty’s stuff, the cats in one carrier, & some other odds &… Continue Reading


How exciting is this? A book called Tomboys: A Literary and Cultural History. Random page quotes: “The link between childhood tomboyism and adult homosexuality might seem to have eradicated this code of conduct from American literature and culture, but the… Continue Reading