Cultural Landmarks

While driving from Wisconsin to New York, we passed a couple of things that struck us as fitting the state/area we found them in perfectly:

  • In Wisconsin: a Bible store right next to a store that sold barstools
  • In the southside of Chicago: We Starch Jeans in a dry cleaners’ window
  • Near Sturgis, Indiana: Broasted Chicken, Fireworks, & Discount Tobacco
  • & of course, on the way into Brooklyn over the Manhattan Bridge – Brooklyn: Where New York City Starts

But now we’re home again, in our very cluttered apartment, & I’m wondering why on earth I have all the rest of the clothes I left here, since what I had in Wisconsin was enough to get dressed every day for three months.

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  1. “a Bible store right next to a store that sold barstools” reminds me of a scene in “The Simpsons Movie”. When it appears that Springfield is doomed, all the people in the tavern rush out onto the sidewalk en masse, as do all the people in the church (which is immediately next door), then the two groups, en masse and simultaneously, each run into the other building.

  2. Looking out the door from the office/sewing room, I see the door to the ” mother of all closets”. We have enough clothes, for all three of us, to last, well a few years at least.
    Enough decorative objects, art, flower arrangements to decorate three houses, and then there’s the fabric.
    Any quilter/sew’er will tell you ” you can never have too much fabric” well I have too much, if I sat at the machine for the next year 8 hours a day 6 days a week I might not finish all the quilts, pillows, drapes I have lined up in the projects pile.
    I think humans are pack rats, we get stuff, buy stuff, and we keep it.
    I’v been trying to clear out the extras, things I know full well I will never use. DJ, well thats another deal, she wants to keep everything she has, even stuff from Jr. High… Sheeeesh ! So I throw out more and more of my stuff, she keeps all of her’s.
    Small price to pay for such a good companion.

  3. Well now you know that it’s *more* than flyover country…though not much 🙂 j.k. – hat tip to Bullwinkle 😉

  4. Well, I think that says something about the fashion consciousnesses of Wisconsin vs. NYC’s.

    Of course, in Wisconsin you have to wear three times as many clothes just to stay warm.;)

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