The Answer: His Killer

The cover story of this month’s Advocate wants to know who’s to blame for Lawrence King’s murder.

Their insinuation is that those who would have advised Lawrence to be open about his sexuality and gender identity are.

Bruce Parker at Bilerico has posted an open letter to LGBT Ally organizations that will be sent to The Advocate in response to this article.

3 Replies to “The Answer: His Killer”

  1. I have never seen the gay panic defense articulated so well. Let’s see… the Advocate, is that a lawyer magazine? Oh, its for straight acting gay people you say! You could have fooled me…. The article goes so far as to blame society! If we all just acted straight and gotten along, everything would have been fine. Exactly what are they advocating?

    God, I really want to do some gay bashing right now, but I can’t and I won’t, given that I am gay/lesbian myself, and in deference to the vast majority of those that are just as conflicted as I am and just want the right to express their identify and choose partner of their choice. Its just sick that “Don’t ask. Don’t tell” has been internalized by some segment of the LGBT community. Shame….

    Between Denver’s Gayzette and this national tripe, there is some strange free speech, anti PC movement being expressed by these editorial boards. Can’t these folks just content themselves with being log-cabin Republics? Its just way to deep for me, all I see is a bunch of assholes with publishing jobs, not for to long I hope.

    But, perhaps I an a bit incensed right now….

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