Get the Chinese to Talk

The Tibetans have been trying to open a dialogue with the Chinese for forever, but with the international pressure now on them because of a potential boycott of the Olympics if they don’t violently crackdown on Tibetans, there’s a new chance to get them to talk.

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  1. I signed yesterday. We need to do more for the Tibetans. Here are some suggestions.

    A. Do not watch the Olympics. (Who watches them anyway?) Encourage all you know “not” to watch too. This will tank the ratings. Out networks will unfortunately get temporarily hurt. But they will get the message.

    B. Encourage a total boycott of the Olympics by all nations. Especially send an email to the President to boycott the games. Send emails to:
    1. President of the USA
    2. Both Senators and your Congressman
    3. International Olympic Committee
    4. US Olympic Committee
    5. PR Departments of US companies sponsoring the games. Here is partial list:
    McDonalds (Also easy to boycott these fat purveyors)
    Coca Cola (Hard to boycott, but there is always Dr. Pepper.)
    General Electric: (Easy to boycott.)
    Visa: (I just tore my card up and went to Capital One)

    (Anyone else know of anymore?)

    Spielberg walked out. They can too.

    C. Boycott Sponsors of the Games per above.

    D. Boycott “all” Chinese manufactured goods…. all of them… forever. Only when no other product is available buy Chinese. They have junk quality anyway. I will buy at a higher price.

    E. Join a “De Capitalize China” Initiative. It worked in South Africa. It can work in China. Encourage US companies to “walk” not just for the Tibetans, (they won’t listen to that argument). Instead use a national security argument.

    F. Especially boycott Google (they even assist Chi Com oppression).

    G. Here are some major US Mfrs in China:
    General Motors
    Fed Ex
    MacDonald Douglas
    Coca Cola

    Consider, the Chi Coms have said they have become enlightened in these last few decades, freeing the economy etc…. while they steal US tech and jobs…. then murder and imprison Tibetan Buddhists who just want to meditate.

    In addition to that, they have no, repeat NO environmental regs. They spew more CO2 into the atmosphere with a 3 Trillion USD Economy than the US does with a 13.2 T economy.


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