My New Website

Hey everyone! It’s long overdue but I’ve just updated my professional website Helen Boyd Books where you can find my bio, info about the books, lectures/talks I’m available to give, and all sorts of other things.

Please do share the site with people who are in a position to hire me as a speaker, trainer, consultant, tutor… whatever it is. I’m good at a lot of things and I’m not teaching very much anymore and so could use the gigs.

Look at this handy dandy list of talks I can give:

  • Trans Etiquette 101 : How to Navigate Trans Identities and Pronouns
  • Co Conspirator to Transland: How To Ally
  • A Brief History of Transland: How Trans Identity Became Visible
  • Trans Relationships: Love Is Not All, Actually
  • Becoming Queer: Chosen Families and LGBTQ Life
  • Becoming Poly: It’s Not Pie
  • Trans Inclusive Feminism: Or, Why Trans Women are Women
  • Writing in Private, Publishing in Public: On Writing Memoir
  • Non Binary Identity: Emerging and Eternal Genders

OR I can tailor one to your group’s needs.

I’ve also gathered a bunch of video, links to interviews & articles, lists of my published writing, and descriptions of the books = basically everything you’d want to know about me as a writer and speaker.