Hanne Blank’s Reasons Not to Quit

The incredible Hanne Blank has been writing a Reason Not to Quit daily for more than a year now. It’s an amazing project, and every time I see one it makes my heart sing a little.

Here are a few I love (but they’re all pretty genius):

  • Reasons Not to Quit #560: I’m not quitting today and I hope you’ll join me.
  • Reasons Not to Quit #558: Love is a verb.
  • Reasons Not to Quit #555: So many ways to fight jackassery, so little time.
  • Reasons not to quit #200: If I can find 200 consecutive Reasons Not To Quit, you can find one too
  • Reasons not to quit #191: It is astonishing how rarely the universe collapses if we leave that one thing to be finished later.
  • Reasons not to quit #117: Confound the expectations of everyone who ever underestimated you.
  • Reasons not to quit #109: Some days, white-hot bitchery and pettiness is what it takes to keep
    you going and some days, that’s a-ok.
  • Reasons not to quit #101: Think of a nemesis of your choice. Outlast them.
  • Reasons Not to Quit #549: There is some way you can help, today. Go find it and do it.
  • Reasons Not to Quit #538: Every time I start feeling ashamed of crying I tell myself firmly that from one perspective, humans are basically highly sophisticated devices for moving water from one place to another and I’m just doing my job.

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