Actual Censorship

Liberal snowflakes ask white folks not to use the N word.  Students object to “scholars” who come to campuses to promote white supremacy, transphobia, and homophobia. Trans and GNC people want correct pronouns used for themselves.

And yet, none of this was censorship. Cultural battlegrounds, yes. Not censorship.

As if to provide a history lesson, the CDC has just been given a list of words NOT to use by HHS. They are:

  • vulnerable
  • entitlement
  • diversity
  • transgender
  • fetus
  • evidence-based
  • science-based

It does matter why these were chosen and speaks to the increasing stupidification of US politics and the hateful, anti intellectual, anti science, anti humanitarian impulses of our current WH.

But the point I want to make is this: this is actual censorship. When a government agency “recommends” words to use and not use, when they restrict how reports are written, when any population is singled out to be disappeared via language, you’re dealing with actual censorship.

Just to clarify.

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  1. We have inter agency censorship at the state level here in Wisconsin. The Walker administration has ordered the The Dept. of Natural Resources to refrain from the mention of or any studies related to “climate change” or ” global warming”.
    To cap this off many employees and scientists have been fired some time in the midst of his second term I believe. ( I could be wrong about the time of the events, but it certainly was not early in the first term)
    So “poof”, the thorny issues of our environment on the shores of the largest fresh water supply on earth is no longer a “thing”- it just does not exist! Iron and copper mining, pipelines under the earth and Great Lakes 60 years in age and carrying tar sand crude and an array of hazardous chemical solutions are simply to be ignored. Spills occur on a regular basis and farmers and property owners are bought out and enter non disclosure agreements or face long legal battles for fair damage awards.
    ( our state courts are tools of the donor class who fund their campaigns and provide golden parachutes so they work again)
    Let’s just pretend that the gas and diesel vehicles will be here forever and build roads and take huge kickbacks from the builders of the same, so wealthy suburbanites can maintain their racist fiefdoms yet come to the city to work and leave and never ever see the poverty and decline or blacks or Hispanics or Mung people relegated to their ghettos and food desserts. Meanwhile starve Milwaukee of its rightful share of transportation funding and shrink mass transit so the poor do not infiltrate the suburbs. Even preventing cities from raising taxes to fund the shortfalls and maintain the roads we have. Milwaukee has been forced to close a slew of fire stations and reduce hiring of police to meet attrition.
    We badly need these services, yet the biggest payoff to private industry with tax dollars ever has been agreed ( greed) upon- 3 BILLION $!!! Millions and millions given to ” job creators” has simply vanished without consequence through the failed WEDEC scheme, yet parking ticket violators are hauled to jail causing job loss and family calamity. I despise this administration and the constant rosey news stuffed at us by the likes of Governor Walker who cannot even look anyone in the eye as he drones on, shifty eyed and head in constant motion as if he were addressing the universe rather than the reporters mere feet from him. There is a whole pack of these charlatans enjoying complete control, so complete there is no longer debate, bills are presented and signed with complete republican control of our state house- and they despise the blue strongholds of the cities in desperation and decay and decry the crime that occurs in a population where 50% of adult men are unemployed. Our welfare benefits have gone simply to administration, a loyal army of do nothing state employees or private corporations contracted to provide ” services” and disenroll needy families while they get huge ” bonuses”. It sucks- and yes, censorship is a product of this state administration.

  2. ( a little editing is in order- Judges who NEVER have to work again- golden parachutes-WEDC has an extra E- cut that) M.

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