My Wife Tells That Story…

There’s a cool Moth-like event here in Appleton called StoryCatchers, and my wife volunteered to tell a story at its second happening because the theme was “the first time”. Some of you will recognize the story – of her going out as a woman in a denim skirt for the first time.

This is her version, in which she calls me a superhero, and is otherwise touching and hilarious and 180% her.

It’s also shown up in a new online magazine here called River + Bay.

One Reply to “My Wife Tells That Story…”

  1. Yep, that was Rachel, all right; fuck yeah.
    1) Pulling wig down in front-OMB dying and soooo true
    2)My wife called what was happening to me “My thing”, forever.
    3) Too much makeup? OY. Still fight that one.

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