Help Fund Stuff for Trans/GNC Youth

So here’s a cool idea: you donate money, even small amounts, and help pay for boxes of useful stuff to go to trans/GNC youth who need them, stuff like binders or bras, books on trans issues, stand to pee devices, and the like.

You can donate here – and you can even just donate to send a letter of support that will go in someone’s box.

Seems like a great idea. Here’s more from their IndieGoGo campaign:

The Problem:

Nearly ½ of trans persons have seriously considered suicide.* They’re also far more likely to attempt.

Collectively, gender-diverse and trans people are also far more likely to be victims of interpersonal violence.* The Trans Murder Monitoring Project reports 1,374 deaths since January 2008.

78% of gender non-conforming youth report “significant abuse at school.”*

It’s also a diversity issue.* Hispanic and Black youth who identify as transgender or gender diverse in any way are twice as likely to attempt suicide.

We want this to change. We believe we can play a role in that change, with you.

Our Solution:

We see access to the simplest things can be denied. We want to provide trans and gender-diverse youth with an easy means to get what they need– be it toiletries, clothing, or higher-end items like binders, binaried clothing, and bras.

Subscription boxes are a trending way of trying out new products, or getting access to things you need every so-often. We’d like to provide subscription boxes with pride items, books selected by the community around this project (see our “Community” header, later), binders, bras, clothing item of the binary the recipient wants, and other great items into a completely customizeable subscription box package.
Every box purchased by a sponsor gives one to a trans or non-binary spectrum youth.
This is the most important part of the project to us. Providing youth with access to items which they may need, and also providing them with a Letter of Encouragement (which will be handwritten and unique, and come in every youth box), is a small way of helping trans youth who might be in an un-supportive or financially strapped home.I know you– you’re asking how we can do this. The best way to help this project is to purchase something (for yourself or someone close to you) or to share the project!