4 Replies to “New Headshot”

  1. That is a really terrific portrait, Helen! It’s beautiful, and full of character, both. You look both determined and and compassionate at the same time: in other words, the real you. It’s hard to judge the haircut for the shadows, but what we can see of it, I like.

  2. I have a question Helen. As a cis-man who is transamorous, I tend to cringe when I see pictures of transwomen below which there are many posts by guys remarking how pretty the person is. You don’t speak for all transwomen as I don’t speak for all African American people. Still, do you think it is objectifying to make such remarks as those on this post (https://www.facebook.com/Alexis-Arquette-Shes-My-Brother-119664591394168/). Or are they harmless?

    Just curious.

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