Tamara Dominguez #HerNameWasTamara

tamara dominguezI wish I’d known her. She seems like she was a beautiful person, and it’s very obvious she was well-loved. Her friend Rendon spoke for the family.

“He doesn’t know she has family. She had her mom. She had her nephews, brothers, and sisters that person didn’t think about what he did,” Rendon said.

The family is trying to raise funds to bury their loved one. Donations can be made by calling 816-745-2904.

I can’t share the details because they break my heart. Last night, learning this news, I just crumpled. For those of you who don’t understand any of this violence, here’s a brief piece in Time about it. I don’t know that it explains anything at all to anyone who is sane and not full of hate.

I’m worried about all of you these days. Please be careful out there. Let someone know who you’re seeing and when.

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  1. I hear Rendon. I’m not fearful but am wary of my surroundings. I have transgender friends who I think about. This has been a tough year.

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