Judge Richard Posner

Really, you have to hear some of these exchanges between 7th Circuit Court judge Richard Posner and the two lawyers arguing for keeping the ban on same sex marriages in Indiana and Wisconsin. Really, listen. The guy just won’t let up, and keeps asking for evidence for what or whom same sex marriage harms, and he gets a whole lot of nothing as answers.

Amazing stuff. Tradition isn’t a good enough reason, of course, and that argument was defeated both by Loving v. Virginia and in the Goodridge decision.

And honestly, they don’t seem to have any evidence whatsoever that Posner thinks offsets the harm done to the children of same sex couples.


This is, by the way, the same court that shot down WI’s attempt to deny transgender inmates medically prescribed treatments by way of hormones, and the appeal for this case was turned down later by SCOTUS.

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  1. Posner isn’t exactly a flaming progressive, either. He is best known for insisting on introducing economic consequences into legal considerations, and he’s very much in the U. Chicago mold of not rocking the boat when it isn’t actually sinking, so this is doubly interesting.

  2. As an Illinois resident, I have to point out that it’s Indiana that’s trying to keep a gay marriage ban, not Illinois, which already has gay marriage.

    While lawyers for Wisconsin and Indiana attempted to defend their state’s marriage bans,

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