Two Tune Tuesday: Those Darlins

I love them.

I first heard of them and saw this this weekend at Appleton’s music fest Mile of Music. The whole thing was amazing, with 10k people in attendance (!), and the event managed to cause a Wisconsin bar to run out of booze — after they placed a special order on Saturday and ran out of all *that* booze by Sunday.

But this band – oh, this band, I just fell in love with.

“I may have girly parts / but I have a boy’s heart…” is probably the standout lyric, but the one that first killed me was the “I just wanna play in the mud with you / you just wanna stick it in.” How great is that?

I honestly didn’t know what to make of them when they first came onstage, but I already knew I was going to go home & look them up. They started with a track from their newest, Blur the Line, called “Oh God”. The room went still and we all listened to every lyric, I think, rapt. Amazing stage presence, and they rocked. It surprised the hell out of me that they won over that crowd, and the lead singer told me later it surprised her, too. I’m hoping I’ll get to interview her/them at a later date. Check out “Optimist” – “I used to be an optimist / but it got too dangerous” – for the flip side of the sound of “Oh God”.

This is them playing the more straight-up country “Wild One” at Brooklyn’s (now defunct) Southpaw back in 2008. I wish I’d been there. They tour all over this fall. I will most definitely see them in Madison.

(This post is dedicate to Darya, who I predict is going to love them at least as much as I do.)