Which State?

So you can take a quiz about LGBT issues to find out what state you should live in. I took it, and said Yes to all of them, and rated them all a 5, or “Very Important”.

And here’s what’s interesting. When it came to where I should live based on my beliefs, the Top 5 goes like this:

  1. D.C.
  2. Washington (state)
  3. Iowa
  4. New York
  5. California

So first off, I love that Iowa’s on there, because no other midwestern state shows up until #9 (Illinois) but then not again until #20, which is … Wisconsin.

And believe me, this state’s laws are nothing near what I believe should be the case – we’ve got a super DOMA in place, after all – so there must be a huge drop-off somewhere.

Please let the SCUS come through. Pretty please.

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