And Back in the States…

Arizona legislators want to make it illegal for people to use the “wrong” bathroom, and to make the offense punishable with fines and jail time. They’ve raised the usual bugaboo of pedophilia – which, if anyone has noticed, we don’t seem to care one whit about when it’s done by straight men – and which Mara Keisling clarifies:

“These (anti-discrimination) laws are in effect in more than 160 cities and 16 states,” said Keisling, and that the problem of sexual predation on minors that the discriminatory policy alleges to address, “isn’t happening anywhere. It just doesn’t occur. It’s one of the terrible things that opponents of equality always raise in hopes of scaring people.”

Oh, and by the way? “Birth gender” is an oxymoron. Pass it on.

3 Replies to “And Back in the States…”

  1. Sad, very sad. Didn’t know we were so dangerous. Leave it to lawmakers to marginalize everyone not just like them.

  2. *sigh* Arizona has some amazing roads and scenery, it would be a shame to never go back because I run the risk of being arrested for using the bathroom.

  3. What is more prevelent is the abuse of young boys by other men, including the men in robes. How does this law prevent that
    It is a stupid law getting enactef by stupid men

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