Trans Inclusive Medicaid for NYS

Sylvia Rivera Law Project is trying to make sure that trans inclusive care is part of NYS Medicaid, and are asking people to send a letter to the Health Department explaining your story and why this need is so great.

You can get the form from SRLP, or all the info is below.

To: Bureau of House Counsel, Regulatory Affairs Unit, Corning Tower, Room 2438, Empire State Plaza, Albany, NY 12237. (518) 473-7488 Fax (518) 473-2019

RE:  Re-Adoption of NYCRR 505.2(l), Excluding Coverage of Services for the Purposes of Gender Transition.

Dear Katherine Ceroalo,

I submit this comment to request complete repeal of Department of Health Regulation NYCRR 505.2(l), which is currently being reviewed and considered for re-adoption. The regulation states as follows:

“Payment is not available for care, services, drugs, or supplies rendered for the purpose of gender reassignment (also known as transsexual surgery) or any care, services, drugs, or supplies intended to promote such treatment.” 18 NYCRR 505.2(l).

I am deeply concerned about the impact of this regulation on the transgender communities of New York. Treatment for gender transition is currently excluded under NY Medicaid regulation 505(l), despite the prevailing medical standards confirming these as medical necessities for patients with GID. The denial of these necessary treatments to low income people often results in high risk behavior, such as using street hormones or silicone, seeking out unaccredited surgeons, and doing sex work to pay for hormones and surgery. It also results in a dramatic increase in suicide rates, long term psychiatric care needs, smoking and other substance abuse.

As a result of not receiving the healthcare that we need, transgender people denied health care experienced the following psychological, physical, financial and other hardships:

I urge you to repeal this outdated and discriminatory regulation.

+ Add whatever of your own trans experience with healthcare +

Signed, Name & Address