Help For a Packers Fan

Yes, amazingly enough: I’m writing something about a Packers fan. It’s a special case. He’s my nephew, the one who was born when I was but 6 years old, my oldest brother’s son.

He’s a lifelong NYer and a lifelong Packers fan.

& He was living in Freeport, Long Island, when Sandy hit. As he put it: that bitch took everything. He & his girlfriend carried out their dog and their TV, & that was all. Everything else they owned is gone.

They have been staying with her parents, & while I’m sure they will be able to get clothes and shoes and furniture and another place to live, no charity will prioritize a beloved collection, and that’s what his Packers paraphernalia was. Mind you, this is a guy who’s taken heat for being a Packers fan his entire life, surround as he is by Giants, Jets, and even Bills fans.

So, here’s the thing: I thought it would be especially cool if he got Packers stuff in packages with Wisconsin return addresses.

It doesn’t have to be new. It could be some small thing from your own collection that you’re willing to part with. I’m guessing he’s an XL or whatever a guy who is over 6′ tall might be. He’s not scrawny, not fat. Obviously, things that are not sized are probably best: clothes that are hats or scarves and the like. & Whatever other stuff it is football fans might collect would be great too.

So if you’re in, let me know and  I will send you his address, OR you can drop the thing off at our house and I will ship it.

But I really would love it if he kept getting individual packages in the mail, all from Wisconsin.

Cool, right? And if anyone wants something in return (other than my love and appreciation), let me know, & we’ll see if we can work something out.