To Tom Gabel

Here’s an interesting article by CL Minou to Against Me!’s Tom Gabel about what (not) to expect out of transition. I mention it because she recommended by books – thank you, Ms. Minou! – but this part rung true, too:

People will surprise you, for good and for ill. Some you assumed would be accepting will disappoint you. And some of the people you would never think able to accept you will prove themselves greater allies than you could have ever hoped for. An uncle of mine who worked for years in the gay community is estranged from me now, while an aunt of mine who lives in the heart of the American Bible Belt showed me more love and acceptance than any of my other relatives. These things will work themselves out, but not in patterns you can easily predict. Your music is cool and your fans will be there – the ones you really want in any case.

You can check out Against Me! in this clip where they share the stage with none other than Joan Jett for a live cover of The Replacements’ “Androgynous” – kind of like queercorps comes home.