Semper Fi: The Murder of Kenneth Chamberlain Sr.

I haven’t said anything about Trayvon Martin on this blog. I’ve been so saddened by it, by the fear and frustration and sadness I see in the eyes and posts of my friends who are raising children of color.

But yesterday, I read this Guardian piece about the execution of Kenneth Chamberlain Sr. by White Plains police.

And I don’t know what to say, or think. Blood on our hands, all of us, especially white people who don’t continue to do the work of making sure our institutions aren’t racist.

My heart goes out to the Chamberlain family, and I feel the need at least to say: Semper Fi. My dad was a marine too, and I feel very thankful that he raised me to respect all kinds of people, but especially those who are marginalized and criminalized by our culture for no reason but their skin color or religion or immigration status.