Namecheck Dublin

What a groovy thing: My Husband Betty is mentioned in a cool online Dublin magazine called Totally Dublin, page 6:

“Helen Boyd’s study of the relationships between crossdressers and their partners is a gender equality must-read, as well as a startling insight into the psychology of a variety of different draggies.”

I don’t know about the term “draggies” but I’m not hip to Dubliner slang, either.

One Reply to “Namecheck Dublin”

  1. Yes, we have come a LONG way in Dublin, from the days of “The Rocky Horror Show” at the Ambassador Cinema !!!

    A special thanks to the nuns of the Catholic Church, for introducing so many of us to Petticoat Punishment in the 70’s. I’m sure that was the genesis of my cross dressing ! Still, it’s now so much fun wearing lingerie, night gowns, skirts & dresses, and sooo great to have a partner, like you Helen, that is so undrstanding !



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