Despite all the jokes about Weiner’s penis, the whole thing kind of makes me sad. Not just because he lied & used bad judgement: you can’t follow politics for 12 minutes without running into that; shoot, you can’t live 12 years without running into that. It’s more that I wish we could talk about politics instead of morality in this country. Not because morality isn’t important – it is – but the older I get, the more exhausting it is to hear the rounds of moralizing by professed Christians (who seem to forget that whole “cast the first stone” business) and by non-Christians who are mostly only critical of the guy’s logistical failings.

Sexting, I fear, falls into a gray area for most (monogamous) couples. Maybe that’s the kind of thing more people should talk about. Honestly, the whole thing just makes me a little more tired and a little more sad.

Still, it’s not like he voted against his politics. I prefer liars over hypocrites, but maybe that’s just me. That is, there’s a huge difference for me in guys who vote against civil rights for LGBTQ people who then go off seeking out anonymous same sex sex in public bathrooms. Just sayin’.

So, politicians: don’t lie. As a general rule, it’s kind of up there with don’t invade Russia in winter.