Welcome to the Midwest?

I went to Appleton’s Oktoberfest today & tried a deep fried Snickers – disgusting, but still Snickers. What a country: you take a candy bar that’s already a day’s worth of calories and add more fat. Unbelievable.

Still, Oktoberfest was otherwise fun and I got to see a great little ska band from Milwaukee called Something To Do. They were.


Wait, you can go into the bars too?

and (FTW):

Guy #1: I think I got something from that girl.
Guy #2: Are you on antibiotics?
Guy #1: No, I don’t have health insurance.

Betty horrified a couple who were looking at some bottles that had been flattened. I think they were supposed to be kitchen art, the kind of thing you hang up somewhere. Loudly, she exclaims, “Oh, they’re NOT paddles?! Damn, & I thought Oktoberfest finally got an S&M booth!” They skittered away (but there’s a little part of me that hopes they got home & had an interesting evening discovering new things to do with wooden spoons.)