Bearded Lady

How cool is this?

Wheeler’s facial fuzz had appeared at birth with an inch and a half of light hair covering her cheeks and chin. She says her mother wanted a daughter, and doctors were instructed to remove the male parts.

Wheeler claimed her father was humiliated by his bearded little girl, but it didn’t prevent him from capitalizing on her condition. She began working in sideshows at an early age, earning money to send home to her family.

Between tours, she would return home and reach for a razor.

“My dad said to shave because people wouldn’t understand why I had facial hair, saying, ‘This is what you’ll have to do to fit into society,'” Wheeler told AOL News.

As she grew older, she would shave sometimes to placate the men she dated, “because of their low self-esteem. It didn’t bother me.”

The boldface is mine. How amazing is that?

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