5 Replies to “It’s Your Booty”

  1. I absolutely love this!!

    And while it’s sorta queer, sure, I’ve known guys, straight guys, who could have made this video. It’s about sex, a man’s reaction to a woman’s *booty* and is really very open and friendly in its tone. You could perhaps say that these are genuinely liberated men in the sense that they have to love their own bodies to so freely and openly to love hers with this much comfortable pleasure in it.

  2. Compare the images, not to gay porn, but straight media. This is about courting roles, and reclaiming some space for guys.

    If you look at the body language, the posturing of women as are shown in mainstreammedia, this is the context for contemporary receptive sexuality. Not passivity, but receptivity…or as it might have been called in days gone by…seductive/seduction. Men do not, as a rule, sell themselves, they buy or take. Women put themselves on display so that the most dominant males will fight it out for them (cultural context). But here the men copy the the body language, the skin, the posturing assigned to women for seduction. It’s all “come and get me”, not “me tarzan, you jane”. They wink at the business of it being gay to do so, and that’s part of the fun.

    It’s really only noticeable for the imbalance. We used to have dandies, men used to seduce women, and I think it’s only natural that the role of being the seducer, as well as the seduced is something that isn’t particularly natural to one sex or the other…and eventually, some balance will be restored. Now we make fun of “hollywood pretty boys” who make women swoon and throw their panties at them, assuming that anyone who is that good looking, who doesn’t play the perpetual aggressor is gay.

    But maybe, maybe we can get some sanity…where being stuck in one sexual role, or script isn’t seen as the norm, but a potentially harmful abnormality.


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