Back in Appleton

We’ve arrived, safe & sound, & have already unpacked what we brought and what we’d put in storage here in June. Next, the truck from Madison arrives & we un-pack that. I’d say I hate moving but Aurora has set the “hate moving” bar too high even for me – she really hates moving. Still, even she is adjusting, amidst growls.

Also: instant Autumn is pretty cool.

LOLCat Treat

More, for your amusement while we’re on the road:

We drive from Brooklyn, NY to a hotel in Elyria, OH today.

DC: Candlelight Vigil on 8/28, 6:30PM, for 2 Women Stabbed

Transgender Health Empowerment is calling for a candlelight vigil at the corner where two trans women were stabbed last night. One of the people who was stabbed died last night.

Please gather on Friday, August 28th, at 209 Q ST NW, 6:30PM.

Please forward, re-post, and Tweet this info.

RIP Ted Kennedy

The Senate has to do the right thing to honor Ted Kennedy’s memory: pass health care. You know they have to, now, & so we have Ted Kennedy’s last gift to the working classes of the US.

LOLCat Carrier

For those who have ever had cats who have to be put in carriers:

(Actually, ours just get in them, for the most part. They’re very good cats.)