I’m sure some of you don’t believe in this sort of thing, because I’m the same way about a lot of alternative medicine, as it’s called.

Except that I struggled for a long time with the nasty evil twins of anxiety & depression after 9/11, & it was only after my sister got her acupuncturist to put a few dozen needles in me that I was able to start getting better. Before that, nothing worked, not meds, not yoga, not anything. It was as if something had to be moved out before any change could start to happen, & that session was what got it all going.

If you do believe in this sort of thing, then it’s much easier to just recommend Chrysalis Acupuncture. I’ve been going for years now & I love it. I still don’t believe in it, but it really does seem to help. The acupuncturist says:

When the outsides don’t match the insides and agony is produced–I’m so there for them. It’s why I named my place Chrysalis–on my brochure I define it as: The protective covering that provides safety for a caterpillar while it transforms into a butterfly. My favorite favorite patients are people who have the courage to change. I live to be there to support them during the transition. Of any kind.

What it seems to help with: fertility, back pain, chronic pain, indigestion/digestive issues, anxiety, stress, insomnia = basically a lot of the things that Western medicine isn’t very good at treating.

& Yes, the practitioners at this salon are very trans & LGBT friendly. So go. No excuses. If you do, tell them Helen sent you.