TransOhio Conference 2009: August 14-16

I’ll be speaking at TransOhio’s annual conference this year, deliverying both a keynote and doing a workshop about sex & identity.

When: August 14-16, 2009
Where: Columbus, Ohio
What: Lots of cool workshops for trans people, their partners, & allies

You can read the descriptions of my keynote and workshop below the break, but in the meantime check out TransOhio’s conference site for more details.

Trans-Sex & Identity
Trans identities create a sexual landscape where you can’t assume what the “opposite” or “same” sex is, especially when someone is in transition. Not only is the trans person often reinventing his or her own sexuality, but if s/he has a partner, or is looking for one, lots of issues come up. How does a heterosexual partner of a trans person “transition” to having a same sex partner? How does a lesbian partner find support in her community when she’s being identified by others as straight? How do we balance our public and private identities in ways that don’t invalidate either partner’s sense of self? How can we respect & validate our partners’ gender before, during & after transition? How can the trans person find ways to let their partner know if/when their sexual feelings have changed?
Helen Boyd is kink-, poly-, and queer-inclusive. All are welcome to attend, and partners are encouraged to come with questions/issues.

The Metamorphosis of Us
The trans communities, taken together, have been through tremendous changes in the past few years, and in some ways, replicate the kind of changes individuals go through as they transition. From hesitant to empowered, trans people find their voices personally and politically. The utility of having alliances is obvious on the personal level, when you need friends, family, and a therapist to get through it all, but often those very same people are confused, frustrated, sad or angry when a loved one is trans. Transitioning with your loves ones may mean compromises and education – for allies and for the trans person. Helen Boyd will discuss the common misunderstandings between trans people and their non-trans friends, families, & partners.