3 Replies to “Toni Rocks”

  1. Fascinating. First we have Glenn Stanton from Focus on the Family. A true expert in the field, with a “master’s degree in interdisciplinary humanities with an emphasis in philosophy, history and religion”. Odd that UWF (his Alma Mater) doesn’t even *list* that as a Masters program….

    Then we have Dr. Nicolosi of NARTH fame. Now *there’s* a set of credentials!

    You bet Toni rocks!

    I thought this kind of creepiness was fading. Guess I’ll have to re-ignite my searches on these types.

  2. I love that glorious moment when she tells Nicolosi that his theory SUCKS, and he’s sooooooo naked; the crowd obviously agreed with her.

  3. I have lost all respect for Dr. Phil. I’ll admit that his show has been a guilty pleasure in our house. Now, he’s given space to those evil SOBs from NARTH and Focus on Your Own Goddamn Family.

    No more Dr. Phil for me!

    Toni does rock!

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