Dr. Phil Phucks Up, Again

Allison Steinberg, writing for the Gay Rights blog at change.org, wrote about the heinous treatment Dr. Phil gave transgender issues, and people, on a recent show.

Asswipe. He had someone on from Focus on the Family as an expert on trans & gender variant kids. As if they’re the arbiters of tolerance.

He tires me.

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  1. I always knew I didn’t like Dr. Phil but I could never put my finger on why. Now I know. Look at the way he uses air quotes when saying “transgender children.”

  2. I sent this to his producer:

    Ms. Granader…

    Glenn Stanton, who appeared as a representative of Focus On The Family on the recent “Dr. Phil” program about transgender individuals, is simply wrong.

    I have the perspective of one who – at age 67 – has battled the problem of gender dysphoria since the age of six. It is not something I chose or desired. I kept it secret for six decades, in spite of the pain it caused me to do so. I read, I studied, I sought counseling, and all the while I stoically lived the life of a typical male.

    It was only about a year ago that I allowed myself to begin to express what I know to be my true self. The decision was transformative as respects my mental health.

    I’m not an advocate for gender rights or any agenda. I’m simply a person who is self-aware, intelligent and very well-versed in this subject. Believe me – when you are living this life, there is no room for argument. It is what it is. People may debate the cause, but I can tell you with certainty that my mental gender is much “me” as is my eye color.

    My concern is that “experts” like Mr. Stanton empower those who see gender identity as a behavior that can be corrected rather than as the essence of the person. That belief fosters discrimination and, in some cases, even violence against those who are coming to terms with the fact that their brain gender does not match their bodies.

    I invite you to visit my blog, which chronicles my thoughts as I came to terms with my true self after so many years.

    Thank you.


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