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  1. I always check out your column. This was a particularly good one. I had already gone monogamous some time before my gender issues came to a head, but I agree that when you’re trying to keep a trans relationship together against all odds, it makes sense not to toss in a potentially disruptive element — unless you’re both on the same page about it.

    Funny how monogamy is considered radical in certain circles and normal in others.

  2. Helen..
    You eternally surprise me and make me think, which I think is a very good thing(*someone* needs to make me think). I’ve noticed the quality in Betty you speak of and it makes me wish that I could be like her or had someone like her as my fierce advocate; monogamy like that makes sense.
    I had never thought that there may be other forms or monogamy;we boomers were rebels’ rebels but we we raised by June and Ward, like it or not. I feel a tremendous bond with my wife, which is only natural when you’ve raised babies an been through what we’ve been through, but our marriage(and monogamy) are somewhat amorphous right now. I’m monogamous in the sense I haven’t had sex with any one for a while, but that includes her and even me.
    I find myself deeply longing for sex with a male-bodied person(hell..a MAN), but I don’t want to lose Patricia from my life…Other stuff is involved,especially the fact that she doesn’t live with “me” per se, but the guy she thinks I still am…
    I have a headache…
    Anyway, thanks making me think about types of monogamy other than the ones that were inculcated in us by the “Greatest Generation”.

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