No Maverick

It turns out the word maverick came from an actual person named Maverick who didn’t brand his cattle. His family is still around and has included civil rights lawyers, accused communists, & a member emeritus of the San Antonio ACLU. That is, not people who are voting for John McCain, but they also object to him calling himself one.

Ms. Terrelitta Maverick, now 82, says, about John McCain: “He’s a Republican,” she said. “He’s branded.”

6 Replies to “No Maverick”

  1. Looking up Maverick… $.10 computer time
    Finding out about unbranded cattle…$5.000 bar bet won
    Hearing the family not liking McCain….Priceless


  2. I’m confused about how the term “maverick” became a superlative.

    Mavericks were hated.
    They would use the “unbranded cattle is cattle that belongs to me” line of thinking as an excuse to steal the cattle of other ranchers that they had not yet time to brand.

    Totally the kind of person after which you’d want to model your whole political career and your campaign image.

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